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About the Author

Brenda Dzierlinga

Brenda and her family live in a small town just outside of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin. She currently works in accounting, but her creative nature is an everyday hobby. Brenda enjoys wine tasting, flea markets, crafting, boating, camping and spending time with her family. Every month she gives herself a challenge of kindness and pays it forward. Giving back if truly special to Brenda, because after receiving her second chance at love, kindness and family, she wants others to know that just the small things can make a difference. 

Brenda's focus on the series is second chances. They gave their rescue dog Henry a second chance at nine years of age, and Brenda continues to adopt older animals. So many aging animals are overlooked for adoption most times, which is why Brenda will donate a percentage of book sales back to humane societies to support the reduction of adoption fees for older animals. 

Giving to the Humane Society

Brenda is collaborating with several humane societies to help reduce the older animal adoption fees. Her books are available for purchase and a percentage of each book sold will go back to the Dane County Humane Society. 

Monetary donations in lieu of an actual product are even more helpful sine Dane County Humane Society and surrounding facilities team up with Mounds Pet Food Warehouse and receive discounts in order to purchase goods for less. 

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Oh Henry's Mission

Giving to the Humane Society
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